Spiritual Storehouse: Store the Word in Our Hearts

It is most important that we be living branches producing good fruit because we are constantly connected to the Vine. We must hear Jesus’ voice and follow Him. Without our spiritual house being in order and fully stocked, none of the rest will matter.

WHO?  Men are called to be leaders at home, in the community, and in our Churches. Spiritual leadership must come first.

The men of the Church must think to prioritize our lives to seek first the Lord’s Kingdom AND His righteousness. Then we must act to make it so, forming good godly habits in our lives. This is especially relevant and important as we accelerate towards the “Day of the Lord.”

WHY?  The first and most important action we take is to love our Lord; loving others will naturally follow.

Pursuing our Lord Jesus Christ will increase our love for our Creator. Remember how you went after your first girlfriend? How much more should we go after the Lord! From this pursuit our lives will run over with God’s love and that love will transfer to those around us.

WHAT?  Devoting time and effort toward our relationship with our Lord and His Word; pass it on through discipleship.

As men of God we should then pass on what the Lord has built up in us, according to the talents, gifts, and calling. Everyone in our sphere of influence should be affected by our lives. This should be proactive, rather than passive.

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