PReP School Primer

Here are some resources I have found to be useful for instruction in physical preparation. XXXXXXXXXXX


Dare to Prepare 5th EditionDare to Prepare 5th Edition   †††††

Holly & Stan Deyo

This is the “bible” of physical preparation! It’s not just a compilation of lists; it is the blueprint for how this couple organizes their home. Storing provisions long and short-term is included and detailed instructions of long-forgotten skills that can get the whole family going.



Prepper Academy Binders

Prepare Academy   ††††


A good step-by-step program with a logical progression. Its down-to-earth in it’s presentation. A lot of common sense here and not a lot of expense. It runs $67 which is a good price for the information that it contains.




USAPrepares   ††††

Vincent Finelli  

A very comprehensive list of Physical Preparation Web sites and resources under “INSTRUCTORS” on this Web site. Run by a man who puts on large Preparedness Expos. He has a way with “assertive common sense,” which I can appreciate.


The Survival Mom

The Survival Mom   ††††

Lisa Bedford

Great site for anyone, especially mom! Lisa is the mother of two spectacular homeschooled children and wife to a kind and patient man. Her blog is now 6 years old, with 1,600 articles on just about every topic you can imagine. She usually writes about: survival and preparedness, important skills to learn, maintaining a balanced home and family life, and homeschooling.



Ready Made Resources   ††††

Robert Griswold

This is another great site for physical preparation and for links to other good Web sites.

Plan. Prepare. Preserve… At Ready Made Resources, we can help you accomplish all three! Whether it’s setting up a complete grid-tie or non grid-tie solar system, getting back to the basics of homestead living, or preparing you for unexpected emergencies, we can help supply you and your family with the provisions for making that possible.