Physical Storehouse: Store Provisions for Others

The conclusion (Matthew 25) of Jesus’ talk to His disciples concerning the end times was to have enough stores (Spiritually, Intellectually, and Physically) AND extra for all of those around us. Many will be in need in the near future in our country. We need to stock up NOW as Joseph, Noah, and Agabus did. When things go bad, there will not be the time, money, or opportunity to acquire what is needed. Better to be five years early rather than ten minutes late!

WHO?  If you’ve ever bought groceries, then this is your task. Like all of history before us, provisions must be stored!

In Antioch, where the term “christians” originated, the prophets came down to announce that a famine was in the churches’ future. This famine occurred during the reign of Claudius (Acts 11). The disciples charged everyone to do something about it “according to their ability!”

Like the beginning of the Church, we are facing the same situation. The prophets have spoken in the same manner, and the Church must prepare to have provisions for the people that are affected by the “birth pangs” now being experienced. That means you and I. That means responsibility: A response according to your abilities!

WHY?  While still on this earth, humans have basic needs in order to survive.

Our predominant attitude needs to stay focused on storing up for the future needs of others. This will fulfill Jesus’ mandate in Matthew 25 and will keep us from turning our stores into false self-sufficiency or even an idol in our hearts.

WHAT?  Water, food, clothing, fuel, and shelter are the basics.

Ideally, I can foresee many of us men becoming experts in these areas: water storage, food storage & food production, shelter, tools, energy, discipling, defense, security, communication, medical, money/trade, wilderness skills, sanitation and emergencies. It is good to be familiar with the whole picture, but my vision is that each part of the Body of Christ will use their natural talents and their giftings to ensure that all important areas are covered. Each of us will then document what we have learned in a simple form that can easily be passed on to others.

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