Intellectual Storehouse: Store the Truth in Our Minds

It is impossible to put on the Helmet of Salvation if your head is buried in the sand. It is the Truth of God’s Word answering the harsh reality of what is occurring in this world that will set us free.

WHO?  The Truth is a person: Jesus. The Truth is God’s Word: the Bible. The truth is acknowledging exactly what is occurring around us:  the only real reality show.

The Bible is unlike any other religious text in all of history. It reveals the good, the bad, and the downright ugly! It reveals the details of the depravity of man. It completely exposes the consequences of acting against out Creator with agonizingly explicit minutia. We are in “the days of Noah.” in his time, the consequence was a catastrophic worldwide deluge. In our time, the consequences will be equally catastrophic in a a real-time play with twenty-one acts. It is not going to be a comedy. It will most definitely be a tragedy tor this world.

WHY?  Without the Knowledge of our God and His Word dictating the decisions in our lives, they will be bad.

A General must rely on accurate intelligence to develop a good strategy in wartime. Then his Colonels must develop tactics based on that good info. These tactics, barked out by the sergeants, will be preformed by well-trained, well-equipped soldiers. Why use this analogy. Because WE ARE AT WAR!

WHAT?  Understand what is going on around us and how to respond to it according to the Word of God.

Long gone are the care free days of peace in our country. As of today, we do not have boots-on-the-ground warfare in our streets. Don’t let this fool you. As followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are marginalized, vilified, criticized, and mocked in every area of culture. “Christendom” is no more—that magical place where politicians and corporations will naturally do what benefits the little people. We are at war, and without a fight (a fight that we are guaranteed to win, by the way!) we will be overrun. Remember, it is “the gates of Hell that will not prevail against the CHURCH!”

We must first fight on our knees. Then we should get off our knees and stand for God’s Word. Once we are standing, we should put on our armor. With our armor properly secured, we should pick up the Sword of the Spirit and start swinging.This is what the Servants of God did throughout scripture—throughout history. They are examples to us today of faith and courage in action.