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What the Why?

If I were to choose a simile which described the United States of America, I would say America has been like Disneyland (Babylon). As the saying goes, it is “the happiest place on earth!” We now exist in Alice in Wonderland, constantly probing the depths of the Rabbit Hole. We travel through Fantasmic!, past Fantasy Faire, as reality becomes less and less popular

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Revelant is the word. Revelant is revelation relevant to our lives. Revelant is where history and the future meet. No, this is not a clumsy Twilight Zone quip. It is my word for prophecy that actually means something to each of us here and now. It is my word for putting prophecy into action. This means hearing from God and

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Descriptors for the Commission of Men of God: Connect and educate saints to initiate and continue prudent biblical preparation, equipping for and responding to needs in our families, churches, and communities. This addresses first spiritual, then intellectual, and finally physical needs, putting appropriate biblical action to our faith! The Storehouse Strategy starts with the Word of God relevant to our lives

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