Six Judgments for America



Scripture exists to show us the Holy God who is our Creator. Scripture points out the problem: we are not. We are not holy. We are not the Creator. Scripture shows us the macro plan to return us to right relationship with our Creator by being made holy like His Son. Jesus came humbly to suffer, die and rise to set right those that are His, those that He has chosen.

Two-thousand years later, after day five and day six, we are approaching the sabbath “day:” the Millennium. For this to happen, we must first endure the tragic finale. Those that are not the Lord’s and have rejected His payment for their mess must be judged. During this period, it will wax worse and worse. We are in the birth pangs of this process.

Scripture tells us a great deal about this time, the finale. This is the Day of the Lord which is the last scene of the last act before we move into 1,000 years of Jesus the Messiah ruling on this earth. His soon return will not be like the first time. He will not ride in on a donkey colt. He will not say, “go away and sin no more.” He will not evade and disappear because His time has not yet come.

Jesus will be revealed. This is the Revelation that John wrote for us to see and live. The world will not be happy in the least to see the “NEW” Jesus. He has chosen this time for the ultimate judgment of the evil world system and the demonic forces behind it. Half of the planets population will be killed. This will include many of the saints. We, as saints, may experience our own personal rapture as we are killed by the evil system that will ultimately ravage this planet and its enhabitants. Those that are still alive at Jesus’ second coming will join those already dead at the “last trumpet.”

Before all of this transpires, we have a lot of work to do. The Darby/Scofield/LaHaye escape clause does not turn out to be valid. We must endure and overcome the wickedness coming upon the world. This necessity was echoed to every Church that Jesus wrote to in His Revelation. We must put on pure White clothes to be spotless for our King. We must see the whole world given the Gospel of The Kingdom of God.

We are in the midst of a tale of two kingdoms. It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. Our Heavenly Father has given us a great deal of information in His Word about this time that we are free-falling toward. Much of the Bible is about NOW!

In modern parlance, it is going to be a very “negative” time. In actuality, it will be done in perfect love by the only One who can love perfectly. It will be the final test of the hearts of men. Many will be drawn to the Savior when all of the toys and distractions are taken away in order to reveal the real Jesus. Others will fall deeper into their foolish rebellion. For this rebellion there will be consequences, both individually and corporately. Nations will be judged. Leaders will be judged. Churches will be judged. People will be judged. It will be as it has been throughout history, but on steroids.

What is unique about the present milieu is that this will be the final and complete end for the world system that has been in place for that last 6,000 years. We don’t know the timing down to the day of the hour, but even the most ardent atheist knows that things are definitely not right. Consequently, things will not end well if we continue to follow our current path. What they refuse to acknowledge is that “sustainable” is applicable only to the Kingdom of God. Everything else will burn. The igniting sparks are beginning to fly and only the three metaphorical persons named “Faith, Hope, and Love” will be preserved through the coming fire, a fire that will be stoked 70 x 7 times hotter.

Our nation was founded for the most part by very learned men who had a strong biblical world view. Despite not being perfect in their doctrine or in their lives, they nonetheless produced a governmental document without equal in history. The fruit of this document, and the system of government it contained, was the most prosperous, influential nation that has ever been. We have truly been blessed and we have blessed others.

Now we pollute the world with evil abominations, perpetual war, and financial lunacy. Therefore, I would like to describe the six basic forms of judgment that are coming to this nation as true and just consequences for our actions from a Holy God. My hope is to clearly show the biblical, prophetic, and “worldly” recognition of the natural consequences of our present actions. I will detail these six forms in subsequent posts for the sake of brevity.

The first form of judgment is in the form of evil leaders, both in our Churches and in our government. Secondly, I will describe the deception leading to spiritual blindness that hangs over us all. Third on the list is the inevitable economic downturn that will occur. Fourth, we will experience civil unrest as people react in revolt to the injustices that they perceive. Number five is the revolt of the earth itself that will manifest in disasters and weather extremes. Sixth, barring national repentance, we will be invaded, causing war, enslavement, and devastation.

It is hard to look back at what I just typed without reacting with some level of cognitive dissonance. This just does not make any sense to the american mind. We are AMERICA! We are EXCEPTIONAL! We are POWERFUL! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?

This can and will happen because God is never mocked. Not even by the United Snakes of America. He gave us Israel as an example of what His perfect justice demands. He also sent us a perfect Isrealite to keep that justice from touching us. The first time around, His Son gave us redemption by His death to satisfy God’s perfect justice. The second time, he will enact vengeance for those that are His own. The Lord’s perfect justice will be satisfied. His deep love for humanity will pressure each of us to turn to Him through His Son. Those people and leaders and nations that reject that love will experience the fullness of God’s wrath now, and for all eternity.

If there is any question within yourself about your standing with a Holy God, turn to Him in repentance and be forgiven by the finished redemptive work of His Son on the Cross two-thousand years ago. He has never turned anyone away. Please don’t make the eternal mistake of refusing His perfect Love.


  • I agree with your estimation of the forms of Judgment and their likely order as these are clearly shown us in the pattern of God’s dealings in his Word. He does not change his ways to evolve with society.
    So glad to see you are not promoting the pre-trib hoax. Good job with the post. I will look forward to reading more of your work.
    Paul Benson


    • Thanks, Paul. I am trying to get the foundational content up on my site. I’m glad to see that you found it early. I look forward to communicating with you and getting the Bride ready for Jesus’ return.


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