Revelant is the word. Revelant is revelation relevant to our lives. Revelant is where history and the future meet. No, this is not a clumsy Twilight Zone quip. It is my word for prophecy that actually means something to each of us here and now. It is my word for putting prophecy into action. This means hearing from God and obeying Him with corresponding actions.

Prophecy is the declaration of the Word of God. This declaration often contains events that have not yet occurred. This is difficult for us to understand because we are stuck in a linear world. Event A happens causing event B to occur. The C, then D. We cannot even think about X, Y and Z, let alone predict their eventuality.

Not so for our Lord. He sees the end from the beginning. God is far beyond the limits of our three dimensions plus time. In fact, one of the major proofs that the Lord gives us mere mortals is that He can tell us what is going to happen before it does. No one else can do that unless gifted with that information from the Lord. We term that prophecy.

The Bible is full of this type of information. At least a fourth of Scripture is prophetic. It is one of the major gifts given to the saints (Eph 4:11–13; 1Co 12:28). it is to be desired by all that are the Lord’s (1Co 4:1, 39). It is the very first thing talked about by the Church, along with dreams and visions (Acts 2:14–21). It is one of the ways that the Lord has chosen to communicate with us.

I was led to cite excerpts from prophecies received this year concerning the subject of preparing. Preparation is the centerpiece of the Storehouse Strategy. Preparation is first spiritual, then intellectual, and finally physical. The following prophecy excerpts encompass all three areas, just as these three areas overlap in our daily human experience.

I am presenting short excerpts from these recent prophecies only. The reason behind this is to illustrate the relevance of these revelations to our daily lives: revelant indeed! Additionally, I needed to shorten this post so it did not swell to encyclopedic enormity.

Please follow the links provided to the original full-length prophecies. Also, just as with Scripture, do not take them out of their proper context. Read the entire communiqué before passing judgment.

Please apply the “Eight Rules for Radical Christians” to the understanding and validity of each of these statements penned by servants of God. Then get into the scriptures at the top of each prophecy excerpt. They must ultimately agree with the Word of God, which is our final arbiter of truth.


Gen. 6:17

I Was Shown the Tsunami That Will Strike the West Coast of the United States

MAY 19, 2016 3:47 AM BY JULIE WHEDBEE Z3news

On the night of May 17, 2016, I had a dream/night vision in which I was shown the tsunami that will strike the West Coast of the US, as a judgment from Father on the United States. It was very short, but very clear.

Again, I beseech you to listen carefully and heed all that Father is saying in these last days, preparing your hearts for His return. Of course, we are always to live our lives in anticipation of His imminent return, and no one knows the day or the hour, but His instructions are to always be prepared.


Lev. 23:34

“By Feast of Tabernacles of This Year, There Will Be Intifadas Arising Throughout the Earth”

JULY 15, 2016 10:56 PM BY CHUCK PIERCE

“These are days of great change, so prepare yourself! I will give you ample time of preparation. By Feast of Tabernacles of this year, there will be intifadas that rise throughout the earth.”

I say to America, prepare yourself, for what occurs in France will then double in this nation in the year ahead. So know I am warning you now. I will keep the next generation safe. I will cause mothers to rise now and begin to hear. I will cause those that will prepare a way for My people in the movement of the earth to already come into place. Know now, 2016, I am paving the earth, creating highways, and will be determined to move My people into place for their future. Know this: nations will now come to the valley of decision and make choices this year!”

In addition to praying for the nation of France and the families of those who were so ruthlessly attacked, pray for a new level of preparation to arise in the Body of Christ. Also declare that a new generation of prophets will arise to boldly release the counsel of Heaven into the earth realm. This is not a season to fear, but to watch on the wall.


2Sam. 13:29

“August Will Be an Acceleration of Assassinations”


To My Remnant, I say arise stand up and go forth, move to higher ground, move to where you can be heard! Blow the trumpet! Sound the alarm! For soon war will begin and few will be found. Make haste in your plans and prepare My People for My Return and for My Habitation!”

He said, “Yes, it is going to much worse that anybody can imagine. No one is ready for what is coming. In fact it is going to be so bad there is really no way anybody is going to be able to prepare. Are you preparing? It might be wise for you to do so.”


Psa. 12:1

“Within Three to Six Months Total Chaos Will Envelop America”

JUNE 28, 2016 9:52 AM BY MENA LEE GREBIN Z3 News

I noticed angels began to stand in formation behind Jesus. They were tall; between nine and ten feet in height. They were all golden; their clothes, body and hair. There were fourteen of them. I inquired about the position they were taking. Jesus responded, “They are taking their positions for the twenty-one judgments; for they are about to begin. Time is short. I will not delay…I will not delay…I will not delay! My Bride is preparing Herself and I will soon call her to me”.

I thought to myself, “But there are only fourteen angels”. Then Jesus quickly reminded me that the first seven seals are opened by Him.

This is a warning for the church, the Bride, and the nation. We need to prepare spiritually and physically for what’s about to be unleashed.


Psa. 34:11

Warning of School Shootings at the Start of the New School Year

JULY 20, 2016 2:31 PM BY DENIKA ALSTON Z3news

I just want to encourage everyone to be vigilant as we prepare our families for the new school year. Cover our children and our nation in the blood of the Lamb as we enter into an unprecedented time in our history.


Psa. 91:2

“I Am Removing the Band Aids in the United States of America and Going to the Heart and Root Issues”

JULY 27, 2016 10:17 PM BY LANA VAWSER Z3news

“It is time for the temporary fixes to be removed and the hand of the Almighty to go to the heart and root of the wounds and release His healing!! It’s time to prepare for the great clean out, the deep heart surgery to make way for life!”


Psa. 118:1

“The Tide Has Turned My Children, I Have Caused It to Turn in Your Favor”


This is the time I have been preparing you for. You are in the season. Rejoice as I turn your sorrow to joy, and your mourning into dancing. So many in the unseen that have gone before you have anticipated this moment and continue to pray for you. Heaven is so eager for the ensuing celebration.

Finish your preparations spiritually My Bride, make haste! Prepare to rise on eagles wings! Prepare to fly with your King and Bridegroom…”


Is. 8:1

America’s Mission Possible Revealed in Isaiah Chapter 8


It came to pass at the mature moment of the seed. When Isaiah’s son was old enough to speak, judgment arrived. America, the seed of judgment is maturing. Church, we need to understand what time it is and prepare accordingly.


Is. 10:24

What is Coming Upon You Has Been Determined From Days of Old

MAY 10, 2016 8:02 PM BY DARRELL AND DEB SANSOM  Z3news

What is Coming Upon You Has Been Determined From Days of Old

But know that I have wept over you because you turned from the path that I have set you on.  Even as an infant nation there were those among you who sought to mislead and misguide for their own selfish gain, and like children you followed them.  Like sheep you followed them into greener pastures, but they were wolves leading you away to fill their own bellies and their own pockets, to feast on your flesh.  They were not taking you to greener pastures for your own good, but they were taking you away from Me and you followed.  You did not harken to My voice; you did not listen to the ones I sent to warn you.  And like sheep you have been led to the slaughter.  Prepare for the cleansing!  Prepare for the judgment!  For surely it will come!”


Is. 18:2

America, This Is Our Last Breath


Also on TRUnews 6/2/16

6. Prepare for the overthrow of our nation’s current system. We need to learn how to barter. How to work with our hands. Plant a garden; buy a cow, or some chickens.

 Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield

“Stop listening to man. Prepare how I taught (you) to prepare! All of your answers are in the word of God!”

Church, all I can tell you is that we need to get our houses in order. Prepare for the coming chaos. It’s not going to be pretty and our lives will never be the same. May Psalm 91 be the banner over your life!


Is. 26:21

The Heavens and Earth Will Rebel Against the Violence of Sin

Ali Winters 2/20/2016 Z3news

The Heavens and Earth Will Rebel Against the Violence of Sin

You have your orders to follow; be obedient to the calling. Many are called, few are chosen. Hold on to Me. Do not allow your grip to slip away from Me. Begin now to seek more of Me. Allow your past to fade into the past. The dawn of a new day, 2016 will open up new challenges, new opportunities to pray, praise, and proclaim the glories of your LORD. 2016 will be a most difficult year, but you will be prepared. You are not alone.

Remember My children have only one King. Base all you do on My Word. You will have many opportunities to follow the ways of the world; to join the forces of darkness disguised as light. NO, NO, do not be deceived. My mercies are new every morning and great will be My faithfulness to those who choose to obey. Satan’s desire is to destroy all who are mine. Multitudes who no longer seek My Truth face grave danger. Strongholds bring destruction. Glitz and glamour, sparkle – fools gold, tarnished treasures. Look around and see. Be armed, be aware, be prepared, and dwell in the shelter of the Most High, for great will be the battle very soon.


Is. 31:1

Flee This Babylon and Be Clean


Flee This Babylon and Be Clean

I know the Hananiah false prophets (Jeremiah 28) will say this word is not true, and I long for them to be right. But Church, this is a SURE word. Pray, study, and discern it for yourself. Repent of your sins, get your house in order, and prepare for judgment.

That is our attitude in America. We nod our heads in church, acknowledging what we’ve heard, but walk out and live like the world!

Never preparing, never increasing our relationship with God, but wanting more stuff!

The Father has an announcement for the Church in America,

Prepare for war! Prepare to see your streets filled with blood, filled with carnage, and filled with despair.”

The First Church of the Titanic is too worried about rearranging chairs on the deck, while the ship takes in water and is heading for the bottom of the sea floor! But don’t you worry, everything is fine! This is your best life now, and the sound you are hearing is not twisting metal, it’s just the choir preparing to sing Oh Happy Day!

No its not okay, and the earth is telling us to prepare for great calamity and unrest! The Animal Kingdom and our environment are telling us a great tsunami of terror and unrest is about to come crashing against the shores of our Fantasy Island!

While the Church is sunning on the beaches, and striking up the BBQ for a summer party, Heaven is preparing for war! His sword is bathed or prepared to be released into full action! Yet our preachers won’t warn the nation that God has an issue with us.

I asked the Father as I always do, what shall we do? He said,

“Prepare for war!”

To me that means to get my physical and spiritual affairs in order. Get my supplies updated, check my surroundings for breaches, and settle the fact that losses are coming. Our lives are about to be radically changed, prepare accordingly.


Is. 47:1

The Hour Has Come That Judgment On And In My House Will Begin


The Hour Has Come That Judgment On And In My House Will Begin

Prepare to transition from the normal to the abnormal. For great change is at hand. Prepare for the flood of blood that is coming to your streets. For I will not look upon your nation with sorrow, I will look upon it with justice.


Is. 55:7

“I Shall Rise With a Sword Against You, America”

Prophetic word given to Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin on 5th of Iyar, 5777 (6) – May 13, 2016


“I Shall Rise With a Sword Against You, America”

I will overthrow some of the synagogues and churches in this country as I overthrew Sedom and Amorah of old. I will bring My mishpatim (judgments) on rabbis and pastors, so ‘prepare to meet your Elohim,’

In that day I shall raise up Sukkat David which has fallen down (the fallen Tabernacle of David). And I will fall upon My servants, those who have been prepared in the furnace of affliction for many years, those meek ones, those hidden ones, those who seek Me with all their heart, mind and soul, those who tremble at My Word – at My Yeshua.

My Revival is coming to you. My Revival, prophesied by My prophets, is coming to you. My Revival of Repentance will break through by those prepared by Me for such time as this.


Jer. 10:2

A Clarion Call is Being Released to the Remnant Right Now


A Clarion Call is Being Released to the Remnant Right Now

A clarion call is being released to the Remnant right now. It is a call to be on the move, to be busy about the Father’s work, and to occupy till He comes! Israel was taught that when the shofar blows you have to be prepared to move on a 3-day journey (Numbers 10:33). They were prepared because they were taught the fear of the Lord through the prophetic voice of their day. They moved prophetically and in order as a camp when they saw the cloud move!

Remnant, we need to heed the warnings of the true prophets of God and get our house in order! We must move with the Glory, regardless if its headed into the wilderness of uncertainty! We are to have our spiritual affairs in order and our natural affairs in order. Too many in the Church are weighed down with sin, doubt, and debt that if the Father told you to move, we’d trip over our baggage! We must lay aside the sin! We must activate our faith! We must get rid of the debt that Babylon has enslaved us with!

How to Prepare:

As I conclude this word, I know it is not easy to comprehend what is coming over the horizon. But it is coming! So what do we do, how do we prepare and live in the midst of such strong storm warnings? The Father answered my heart’s cry with these 4 instructions.

1. Get your house in order, spiritually and naturally!

2. Move to higher ground! Get up to where the Father is, and listen to what He is saying to you.

3. Stay settled and rooted in Me! His Word is your only stability in this hour.

4. Prepare for acceleration! (Tighten your seats belt!)

It’s going to be wild ride but have no fear, the Father will always be in control!


Jer. 17:9

Apart from the discerning and searching work of the Holy Spirit, we are unable to actually know what is in our own hearts. But it matters what is in our hearts, for within the matters of the heart are the issues of life within all of us. It is good to know the times we are living in, and the Lord has raised up many watchmen to warn us of the times which have come. And it is good to be able to understand all prophecy and to know the lateness of the hour, and to prepare. It is good if you can hear the sound of the trumpet and if you respond, but the primary issue that we have got to get right, is our heart relationship with the Lord, and our relationship with the Lord is totally dependent on the matters within our heart.

Baruch, Benjamin (2015-03-10). SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES: Out of the Darkness (Kindle Locations 148-153).  . Kindle Edition.


Jer. 27:8

“There is a Poisonous Pollution Being Spewed Across the Churches of America”


“There is a Poisonous Pollution Being Spewed Across the Churches of America”

I understand that no one desires what is coming down the road for this nation. Like Jeremiah, I would like for the prophesies of the Hananiahs to be true. But they are not. Therefore, I must prepare my life, my church, and my family for captivity!


Jer. 29:11

Russia Strikes Mighty Blow Suddenly


Russia Strikes Mighty Blow Suddenly

Prepare in Me

Come to Me,

all you who are weary and heavy


When I asked Father how would He have our family to prepare, He replied, “Be prepared in Me. Pray. Seek Me.”


Ezek. 33:1

Our Nation Had Experienced Total Government and Economic Collapse

MAY 10, 2016 12:30 AM BY JULIA LOUISE Z3news

Our Nation Had Experienced Total Government and Economic Collapse

Our family was okay throughout the dream because we had prepared. However, many families were completely without food or a source of clean water. The further north you went, the better things got. Canada still had a government. The safest places were small towns. In our city of Spokane WA, the streets were empty because people were staying in their homes.

None of this would fall on our nation if we would repent and turn back to the Lord. We just need to continue to fast and pray and intercede for His mercy. My maxim: hoping and praying for the best, but preparing for the worst because failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The Lord in His mercy is warning us to both pray and prepare. As directed by the Lord, I continue to encourage people to prepare. Peace and Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Ezek. 38:1

An Event Will Occur That Will Begin World War 3 and There Is No Stopping It

Author: Rachel Baxter

(Appeared on TRUnews 1/5/16)

An Event Will Occur That Will Begin World War 3 and There Is No Stopping It

The beautiful thing about light is that it cuts through the darkness and even overtakes it.  Hope.  There is great hope.  I am pouring out my spirit in these last days in mighty measure.  No life has yet experienced the fullness of My spirit, but you shall.  Yes, the oil is ready.  The Angels stand ready to pour out the great anointing that I have saved up for such a time as this.  Prepare yourself to receive the anointing I have for you.  Of yourself, you can do nothing.  But in Me there is nothing you cannot do.  Preparation means to humble yourself through fasting and prayer.  Then, wait upon Me and I will wash you clean in My blood.  The Angels will anoint your head with oil and you shall go forth to conquer!  Oh, how glorious it will be!

The crafty serpent has set lies in the teeth of my pastors and evangelists that before great trouble, all those that call on my name will be called home.  This is not My truth.  I desire that you should see the lies for what they are – a deception that would keep you from the preparation in Me.  If you knew all that was coming upon the earth you would fear, if not resting and trusting in Me.  Do not stumble!  You need not stumble and fall!  I am here now proclaiming the truth that even though the days ahead are dark, I will carry you.  There is nothing to fear for those resting in Me.


Dan. 9:22

False Flags Will Fly and Terror Will Come Suddenly

Sherry Gorslin Z3news. 2/19/2016

False Flags Will Fly and Terror Will Come Suddenly

“The day is gloomy and the night arrives swiftly, as the government of this land goes on with their agendas. False flags will fly and terror will come suddenly and hearts will faint with fear. You have been warned and told of the things that are coming upon the land. There is nothing I have not told you, so you can prepare and expect the great day of the Lord.


Hos. 4:1

“Take in Your Hand the Sword of the Spirit and Prepare for War”


During my prayer time on June 5 2016, around 6:00 am, the Father spoke the following words to me.

“The gates of this nation are soon to be shut. The trap has been set. The devices have been prepared. A clamping down, a locking away of the freedoms of the past is at hand. This is not a time to fear, but of great faith! They, the shepherds of Babylon, are lying to My people.

Prepare for war. 

Not just a battle between the world and the Cross, but a battle between My true church and the apostate lukewarm church. I call them a church, but they are not My church. For My Bride, My people, hear My voice, they know Me and I know them. Raise up your shield of faith. Take in your hand the Sword of the Spirit and prepare for war. It will be a war of Truth!”


Joel 2:29

Many Are The Voices Speaking Lies in This Season

MAY 4, 2016 7:28 PM BY MITCH SALMON  Z3news

Many Are The Voices Speaking Lies in This Season

Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you will find.  Knock and the door will be opened unto you.  So what happens when you do not ask?  And if you do not seek?  And if you do not knock?  It is My desire that My people are prepared for the coming season, but many of them do not ask Me.  It is My desire that they would walk in intimacy, but they do not seek Me.  It is My desire to open the doors of true understanding and knowledge but they do not knock.


Matt. 6:33

Prophecy Fulfilled: Obama Authorizes $1.2 Billion for Military Defense Equipment

James Bailey. Z3news 2/10/2016

Prophecy Fulfilled: Obama Authorizes $1.2 Billion for Military Defense Equipment

Even though this dream reveals something very bad happening to our country, I am rejoicing in seeing the faithfulness of God to reveal the future for the benefit of His people, to help us prepare. There is only a little time left to prepare.

For those who are not right with Him in every area of their life, the worst of times are just ahead. There will be no escape from the shaking. This includes not only those who are lost, but also those who call themselves Christians, but have compromised with sin and as a result are spiritually asleep. Sad to say I believe this is the condition of most “Christians”. For anyone in this category, the best way to prepare for what is coming is to repent right now. Confess your sins to God and cry out to Him for His mercy. Anyone who turns away from their sins and stops sinning will be forgiven. Those who merely ask for forgiveness while continuing to sin are only playing games with God and they will not be forgiven.

All the financial preparations in the world will not help those who are not right with God. Even if their accounts get filled temporarily with lots of profits, their gains will turn into losses as destruction tracks them down. There is no hole deep enough and no cave dark enough to hide from God, so it is foolish to run from His judgment. The only solution is to turn to Him in wholehearted surrender.


Matt. 8:24

Though The Storm Will Rage, We Have Hope

JULY 14, 2016 12:26 AM BY RACHEL BAXTER  Z3news

Though The Storm Will Rage, We Have Hope

Fear not for I am with you. Listen for the word that I send forth. I have a word for each of you, a revelation to share about your destiny. The hour is late but it is not too late to step into all that I have for you in Me. I need My army to gather behind Me, prepared and ready for battle. Though the outcome of the battle is known, the battle must occur. I have a place in My army for each of you should you choose to surrender to My will for your life. 


Matt. 25:10

Trojan Horse Rolled Down the Street But No One Paid Attention

AUGUST 3, 2016 3:13 PM BY RACHEL BAXTER  Z3news

Trojan Horse Rolled Down the Street But No One Paid Attention

In the next part of the dream, me and a sister in Christ needed to get away from this area but we were not prepared. This speaks to the need for every child of God to become prepared now. No more waiting. No more putting it off. We must become prepared spiritually with hearts that have been healed so that the enemy has no more legal right to come in, and so that we can hear the voice of God clearly.

Not being able to buy a bus ticket has to do with preparation in the physical, but I believe that it also has to do with true Christians, followers of Jesus, who no longer choose to be a part of the Babylonian system that is prevalent throughout the world today. I am reminded of the mark of the beast that is coming in the years ahead when we must be prepared with discernment to make the only choice that leads to eternal salvation:

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:17 KJV)

In the last part of the dream, I had found shelter, but knew that I needed to get away to really find safety. I was trying to find something different to wear because what I had on was not appropriate, and the clothes I had to put on from the closet were not right either. It was like I was going to have to settle for what I had, even though I knew it wasn’t going to help me or work well. This also speaks to preparation in the physical and spiritual. There is going to come a time when the work we’ve done in the Lord is either going to see us through, or we are going to be left unprepared.

We are instructed to put on the full armor of God now, not later, so that we can be protected and also be prepared to battle against the one true enemy, Satan and his hoards.


Mark 13:5

“A Deception is Here and An Even Greater One Is Coming”

JULY 9, 2016 9:31 PM BY MATT SMITH Z3news

“A Deception is Here and An Even Greater One Is Coming”

The Lord gave me this word for today, July 9 2016, as I finished working on a message entitled “The BOX.”

“Tell the people a deception is here, and an even greater one is coming, and many are not prepared. They do not spend enough time with Me, so they cannot see the deception, nor will they see an even greater deception coming. Tell My people to come back to me, and stay in My word. Time is running out.”


Luke 17:26

“I Am Looking for My Plowmen Who Will Labor for Me in My Fields”


“I Am Looking for My Plowmen Who Will Labor for Me in My Fields”

As evil prevails and persists in our nation, the clouds of Glory are forming over us! We must prepare ourselves for what is going to be the most exciting times of the church. But hear me, the Father impressed into my heart it won’t rain where there is no plowing!

Listen, I appreciate getting prepared with supplies, materials, and all these things I teach and do, but we must have a harvest plan, a redemption plan mixed into our bug out plan! We are not here as survivalists, but revivalists! I’m not looking to bug out, but to dig in and fight the good fight of faith!


1Th. 2:4

Deep Heart Surgery Now Preparing God’s People for Promotion

JULY 18, 2016 8:41 PM BY LANA VAWSER Z3news

Deep Heart Surgery Now Preparing God’s People for Promotion

As I sat with the Lord recently there has been this deep burning conviction in me that I have been feeling the Lord is really performing some deep heart surgery on His people right now. Where His people have said YES to Him, the SURRENDERED YES, there is a deep heart surgery taking place and the pruning in many ways is uncomfortable, but it is DRIVING people DEEPER into the secret place. It MUST HAPPEN to prepare the people of God for the PROMOTION that is upon them.

The interesting thing was as I sat with the Lord on this, He was being VERY intentional, that He was LOOKING for the YES AFRESH from His people. The surrendered YES to Jesus, of “I will go wherever you want, do whatever you want Me to do. I am giving you My life afresh.”

As I was resting in His presence, I had a vision. I saw the Lord commanding hosts of angels to come to earth for what He was about to do. As these angels descended upon the earth I saw them all dressed in what looked like ‘scrubs’, like what you see nurses wearing when they go in for an operation. I saw them preparing operating tables and they were getting everything “ready”.

I then saw Him, beautiful Jesus, wonderful Jesus, as He walked into this operating theater and He asked these angelic hosts if everything was prepared and ready. They were all standing at attention and in position and affirmed to Him that everything was in place for what He was about to do.

He began to call for His people. Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear were hearing the sound, the call, the invitation from Jesus to come deeper, into this place of surrender so He could work on their hearts.

I watched as person after person came into this operating theater and laid on the bed. With such love, compassion and comfort, He explained that this heart surgery must take place to prepare them for what they were about to step into. I heard the Lord say to them “The new land is FULL of promotion but it MUST be GROUNDED in PURITY!!!”

As these ones stood up and rose up and moved out into all God had for them, they were not afraid to do what He is asking, even when it was not what they expected and so completely new, it was preparing the way for even greater, more radical and fresh moves of His Spirit. This new sound was bringing the body of Christ together in DEEP unity, all ages, all generations, those who have gone before us and prepared the way, those who are going ahead and those rising up now. This SOUND was drawing the people of God together, to see them JOIN TOGETHER and flowing in the Spirit with what He was doing. His heart was for His people to all join together in UNITY and go forward into the NEW that He was doing. As this took place, I saw greater and greater encounters with His Shekinah Glory for His people and released to sweep all across the earth in new and fresh ways.

This new land is grounded in purity and rest. Do not strive, but rest and know that I will take care of the rest as you live deeply before Me in your YES. This land will be filled with grace, a new level of My grace and anointing and this new land will be characterized by My power in a way you have never known before. I am entrusting you with much! You can do this! You have been prepared for such a time as this! Go forth My messengers! Go forth with the Good News of My Gospel and My heart. You will see My Glory, Goodness and Purity flow through you everywhere you go and into the cities and nations. Know that I am with you and you are now being called for. Your lives of purity and humility will continue to attract the favor of My heart. Great fruitfulness will be yours and your testimony will be….’NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY MY SPIRIT’ says the Lord.” (Zechariah 4:6)


2Th. 3:3

Much That Has Been Withheld Will be Withheld No Longer

Ali winters 2/20/2016 Z3news

Much That Has Been Withheld Will be Withheld No Longer

I have heard the cries of My people, none will be lost who trust in Me. But know this and understand; your battle is spiritual, not physical. Far too many of My children see only with their eyes, their spirits are blind to the tricks of satan. You must awaken from your slumber. I have given warnings to prepare My children yet far too many continue in fear. You have not been faithful to pray, but instead have panicked.

Opportunity, commitment, these will be available to My children – choose carefully the road you travel. Much opposition will soon come from many different sources, be prepared. With book and bow (The Word of God and Truth), you will fight the good fight of faith.


Heb. 12:1

“Sit Down or You Will Be Shot!”

MAY 12, 2016 2:28 AM BY MARK SELLERS

“Sit Down or You Will Be Shot!”

4. The time is NOW to prepare ourselves spiritually so that, when we are facing the horrible evil acts of the enemy, and being oppressed by the enemy’s systems, we won’t waiver, but instead we will rise up in the Spirit and do what needs to be done! Stand for God. Stand for Jesus, the Truth! In Ephesians 6:10-18, the passage about the armor that God has given to us, the word “stand” (in the KJV) is listed 4 times!! God gave me a message on April 24, 2014 in response to my question of “is something coming soon?”. He led me to Revelations 14:6-7 and then told me, “Fear God, repent and prepare!”

I believe we are now in the ‘prepare’ phase. God is preparing us to be His Spotless Bride, washed white in the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ (from a message He gave me on 12/9/15).


James 1:20

The Greater the Division in the World, the Greater the Solidarity in the Church

JULY 14, 2016 1:32 PM BY MITCH SALMON Z3news

The Greater the Division in the World, the Greater the Solidarity in the Church

This morning, July 14 2016, I received the following word:

“Many in this nation are angry. This anger is not new. It has been building for some time. The questions that must be asked with regards to this anger are, “Why are they angry?” “Who is the object of their anger?” and “What is the proposed solution to satisfy that anger?”

Many discern that changes are taking place in our nation. There is a sense of uneasiness surrounding the word (change) itself and that sense is multiplied as it is mingled with uncertainly and confusion. It’s as though the weatherman announced, “There is a storm coming soon,” yet failed to state when “soon” is. Furthermore they fail to mention the direction from which it will come, and how those hearing this news should prepare in order to be ready. Yet even with the lack of information, self-declared “storm chasers” ramp up and head out. They travel in all directions looking for a sign. At the very first cloud they encounter they clock on and follow assuming that it is sure to develop into the storm they are certain is coming.


James 5:7

Statue of Liberty Suddenly Overtaken By Tidal Waves

JUNE 30, 2016 1:35 AM BY JULIE WHEDBEE  Z3news

Statue of Liberty Suddenly Overtaken By Tidal Waves

I have been preparing a set-apart people, a sanctified assembly, a holy people to carry out My mandates, anchoring them here in this place, as the systems of this world crumble. Hold fast My people to all I have taught you and My laws which have been written upon your hearts.

Prepare to receive unto Me the lost and the inconsolable, the broken and the battered. My love through you is the healing balm they require and the only remedy for the pain they will experience due to all I release in judgment upon the earth. Salvation will be nearer to these ones suffering than it ever was before.


Rev. 6:5

Vision of Economic Crisis Coming to Germany and Europe

JULY 16, 2016 12:29 AM BY KEVIN MIRASI

So The LORD is calling for repentance for the forgiveness of sins through The Blood of The LORD Jesus Christ, in Germany, the European Union and the entire Europe. In other words, The LORD is thus calling the people and the nation of Germany, the European Union Block and the entire Europe (and indeed everyone and all nations) to wake up and come out of the deep slumber of a lifestyle of sins, and prepare the way for the coming of The LORD Jesus Christ. For The LORD is now going to shake the financial and the economic base of Germany, the European Union and the European Economy to wake up the people there to the dispensation of birth pains, and the need to prepare the way for the coming of The LORD Jesus Christ to rapture His Bride to Heaven.


Rev. 7:8

I Heard the Seven Mountains Crying Out, “Where Are the Josephs?”

JULY 1, 2016 11:56 PM BY LANA VAWSER  Z3news

I Heard the Seven Mountains Crying Out, “Where Are the Josephs?”

For the past few years, the Lord has been highlighting the positioning of the Joseph’s to me, almost like the ‘lead up and preparation’ for a great REVEALING.

As I heard the seven mountains crying out “Where are the JOSEPH’s?” I was surrounded by the sense that the “FULLNESS OF TIME” has arrived for the Joseph’s to be DELIVERED and POSITIONED!!!!!! VINDICATION is UPON you!

There has been an INTENSE preparation over the Joseph’s and that has been to mature you in intimacy with Jesus. To prepare, train, purify and refine you, but you are now being CALLED FOR.

Do not run and hide! Stay positioned and watch the Lord position you to see the greatest move of His Spirit through you that you have ever seen. You have been prepared for such a time as this!


Rev. 9:7

“I Say to You No Enemy Will Be Able to Stand Against You”

MAY 10, 2016 10:32 PM BY JAMES BAILEY Z3news

“I Say to You No Enemy Will Be Able to Stand Against You”

In 2014, prophet and healing evangelist Glenda Jackson shared a powerful word from God warning of great trouble ahead, but also encouraging believers to prepare for battle and victory over every enemy. Glenda Jackson is founder of Glenda Jackson Ministries.

“I am getting you prepared for battle. 

I am getting you prepared to seek Me, to know Me, to know My names, to know Me by all of My names. For I say unto you, evil is coming and spreading wide. There is evil in this country. There is evil in the White House. I have seen the evil. I have seen the speech. I have seen the things done in darkness. Their plan is to take away all things that are holy and good. You are going to see changes come that are for the worse, such as you have never known. You must be prepared. You must know what to speak.

You must be strong. You must be ready. You must be prepared. You cannot take Me for granted. You cannot say, ‘We will do what God says and then we will sit down.’”


Rev. 13:4

U.S. Government Planning Mass Murder of Americans

NOVEMBER 16, 2014 10:39 PM BY JAMES BAILEY Z3news

U.S. Government Planning Mass Murder of Americans

So he gives dreams and visions to His people, not just for us to keep to ourselves, but to share them with others. Today there is a symphony of prophetic warnings coming from many of God’s people. He does not expect us to blindly accept every word. We are instructed to judge the words to make sure they don’t contradict the Bible and they bear witness with our spirit. So those who hear the warnings have the responsibility to judge the prophetic warnings. It is not okay to just dismiss the warnings. The Bible instructs us to not despise prophecy. Prophetic revelations are a gift from God for those who are willing to receive them. They are given for the purpose of helping us prepare for what is coming. If we reject all of the warnings we will suffer for it. It could even cost us our life.

The man and woman in my dream told me everyone was going to die. Although their plan might call for the murder of all Americans, I don’t believe that will happen. I believe a remnant will survive. Otherwise all of the Lord’s warnings would be a total waste of time and energy. I believe He is already preparing a remnant of people to survive and do His will. That is what He did in the past for Israel and I believe He will do it for America too.


I Am Raising Up the Josephs

JANUARY 3, 2016 10:16 PM BY RACHEL BAXTER Z3news

I Am Raising Up the Josephs

On January 3 2016 I was awakened and heard, “See.”

I saw before me twirling figures as if dancing in another time with sacks on their backs. They were adorned by jewelry, fancy clothes, and had their hair done up.  I was made to understand they were joyful in the Lord for having listened and prepared.

Then I heard “I am raising up the Josephs.


Rev. 18:2

Matt Smith Prophetic Poem –

TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles

1/6/16 (Poem written 12/23/2015)

Get prepared for slavery,

It is coming to this nation,

Like Egypt in the days of Moses,

It will not be a good sensation.

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